Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Resurrection of Bigfoot Country

I used to have a blog over on Live Journal, but it died.

With this blog, though, I'm resurrecting Bigfoot Country!

One of the things I really enjoyed doing in the previous incarnation of this blog was doing movie reviews; not only was it enjoyable writing them, but it helped me with my own movie tracking obsessions. So... movie reviews are going to be a part of this blog.

But there'll be more.

I'm going to try to publish things to this blog seven times per week. And I'm going to try to keep to a pretty regular schedule. Not sure how long I can keep it going, alas, but we'll see! Also, I'm gonna be trying to get these posts up in the morning, partially as a way to "trick" myself into waking up early to get some writing done.

The blog itself will (hopefully) adhere to the following schedule...

Mondays—Movie Review Monday: I'll review the most interesting movie I've seen over the past week here. In cases where I haven't had a chance to see ANY movies (hey, it can happen!) that week, I'll do a review of an old favorite, or perhaps an old hated movie.

Tuesdays—Gaming Report: I'm the Creative Director at Paizo Publishing, and that means my day job is pretty fun. But it's also pretty busy. All sorts of things going on there. Every Tuesday, I'll post some sort of anecdote or event or something that relates, in some way, to gaming. Most of these will likely end up relating to Paizo, or Pathfinder, but not all of them!

Wednesdays—Memos from Midnight: I've been keeping a dream journal on and off for the past 15 years or so... and there's some really really really weird stuff in there. Every Wednesday, I'll open to a random page and transcribe a random dream of mine for all the internet to psychoanalyze. I'm sure this won't backfire on me. At all.

Thursdays—Short Story of the Week: Short stories are my favorite form of fiction. In an attempt to make sure I read at least one a week... I promise a short review of the most important/best/worst short story I've read over the previous week every Thursday!

Fridays—Baria Day: Although Paizo Publishing produces content for the world of Golarion... a fair amount of that world originally comes from my homebrew D&D campaign setting. This setting is the continent of Baria, and every Friday, I'll post something here from the last 30 years or so that I've been working on this setting, fully updated to Pathfinder rules. Could be a new spell, or a new monster, or an encounter, or a feat, or an NPC, or ANYTHING!

Saturday—Storytime: Being the huge fan of short stories that I am, and wanting an excuse to stretch my fiction writing muscles, every Saturday I'll post some sort of piece of fiction. I'm considering doing this as an episodic tale set in a post-apocalyptic world, but we'll see... I've got a whole week to figure this one out.

Sunday—Monster Day: Monsters are great. I more or less named this blog after a monster, after all. To celebrate that... every Sunday I'll post a new little essay on a monster I like, be it from film or fiction, video game or tabletop RPG, mythology or cryptozoology. With links to boot!