Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gaming Report #1

So, here it is, Tuesday, and I'm still not 100% convinced that "Gaming Report" is the best way to spend my time... there's gotta be something more interesting to post on Tuesdays than stuff about working at Paizo or games or whatever? Hmmm... well, if more people start reading this blog, maybe I'll eventually turn Tuesdays into "Questions Answered" day...

Anyway... in the meantime, it's still Tuesday.

SO! Here's what the office of Paizo's Creative Director looks like of late. Yeah, yeah... it's kind of a mess. Turns out it gets that way when I'm scrambling on a big project—said current big project being the upcoming Hardcover Anniversary Edition of Rise of the Runelords. Plus all the other mayhem I get pulled into, from Adventure Paths to unscheduled viewings of the Game of Thrones trailers.

Anyway... I thought I'd do a quick tour of 27 points of particular interest strewn throughout the room... if only so that I can load this picture up later today at work and find where I put my Tome of Horrors or whatever... But this also strikes me that I need to get more art and stuff on my walls!

No... really... I do know where most of my things are...

Key to the Mayhem:
  1. My only wall decoration... a cloth banner of the cover of Dungeon #112—Maure Castle.
  2. I won this freaky hand-made goblin (thanks, Liz!) last year at the White Elephant Gift Exchange at the Paizo Holiday party. His dogslicer and torch are interchangeable!
  3. Adventure writer and fearless teacher Tim Hitchcock gave me an awesome old copy of "The Dunwich Horror." Its sitting right here under the goblin's feet, in case I need to read about Professor Henry Armitage at any moment.
  4. A criminally underused organizational tower. Mostly used right now for player characters in office campaigns and other stuff that I could probably file away.
  5. A cool bigfoot-themed piece of artwork Wes got me. One of many things I should hang on those barren walls.
  6. A rolled-up map of the Inner Sea region, covered with tags scrawled all over it, that we used to prepare for the giant Inner Sea Region Map Folio.
  7. My ginormous "Art of Stephen King" book. Kept nearby in case I need distractions.
  8. My half-broken garbage can, heaped high with empty coffee cups. Mmmmmm... coffee.
  9. My "Kill Dr. Lucky" bag. I keep all the books and notes I use to run my various RPG games in here. It's getting heavy again. Might need to purge a few unnecessary books from it...
  10. A cool bookend with some little drawers in it Paizo VP Jeff Alvarez brought down to me. Funny how lost it gets in the clutter it's supposed to be helping to organize.
  11. Stack of Ultraman DVDs someone sent me. I don't have a DVD player that'll play them (they're region 3), so the awesomeness that lies within remains unknown to me at this time.
  12. You can barely see it... but that's my actual for-real dogslicer. Made on a forge out of iron, and tested in battle on stage!
  13. The box my fancy new foot massager came in.
  14.  The blue beachball onto which I drew the outlines of the continents of Golarion.
  15. A Tyrannosaurus wearing a hoodie. Thanks, Jodi!
  16. Stitch! There's more of him around too if you look closely enough.
  17. My limited edition black dragon Wizkids/Pathfinder mini. 
  18. A venus flytrap my sister gave me like 4 or 5 Christmasses ago. IT STILL LIVES!
  19. When the sun's shining, and it sets in the evening, its fiery rays burn right through the holes in the slats of the blinds, searing my tender morlock-like eyes. These manilla folders protect me from this fate.
  20. A pickled punk Cthulhu baby. Thanks, Erik!
  21. My water bottle, sporting a fancy Pathfinder sticker.
  22. My H. P. Lovecraft coffee mug.
  23. My journal. Stuff in here ranges from meeting notes to notes on Magnimar to notes on the upcoming Shattered Star Adventure Path to in-character journal entries from Sasha "Firetop" Dracktus, my character in Rob's Skull & Shackles game.
  24. Pathfinder Mountain. Yes, I need all these books to do my job. No, I can't just put them back on the shelves (not pictured) against the other wall. I'll just need them later!
  25. You can tell by the thickness that this is a copy of the Tome of Horrors Complete. That book is BIG.
  26. Printouts of Chapter 1 of the aforementioned Rise of the Runelords hardcover.
  27. A copy of Table 1–1 from the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary. Turns out, I reference it so much when making monsters, it saves time to tape it to my monitor.
NOT PICTURED: All the secret stuff I can't talk about! So don't even TRY to do a pixel hunt for who killed Aroden!

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  1. I need to send you a Baba Yaga for your office, in case your enemies need to be cursed

    Awesome blog. I'm not going to tell a soul about it.