Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Memo from Midnight—November 2nd, 1997

Is this the way the world will end? DNA gremlins?
THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME I've dreamt of the end of the world. This time, I'm a world-famous martial artist who's been opposing a government conspiracy. The government agents are after me, and the start of the dream begins just after I've endured a number of frantic "action movie set pieces" in which government agents were chasing me while I tried to stop their fiendish plot.

As the dream begins, the "Agency" initiates their final plan to wipe out all mankind with their most recently invented chemical weapon. They deliver the weapon via a huge, sparrow-shaped jet... which is itself made out of a hardened version of the killer chemical! The jet flies overhead and drops several giant logs of red, plastic, hardened killer chemical. The logs smash into the ground and start rolling after me and my minions, and as we run from them, the logs liquefy into a giant red wave of poison that suddenly breaks apart into swarms of thousand of evil-looking long-nosed spherical creatures who shriek through crater-shaped holes in their bodies!

The wave of small howling monsters chase us into a vacant lot. I jump into a dumpster, and the demon potato things leap in after me and spray me with the poison chemicals. The chemicals work quickly, re-sequencing my DNA and transforming me into a plant that has faint traces of my face and hands in its shape.

The "Agency" has soon transformed all their enemies in the world into plants. Once that's done, they fire an immense line of mono-filament line across the face of the earth.  You can avoid the line by ducking, but then the "Agency" fires another one at half the height, again and again. Eventually, you have to jump over them. Anything that can't duck or jump... like, say, a person who's been turned into a plant, gets sliced up into chunks!

  • I've got another note at the bottom of this dream's entry: "Feeling that this whole thing is the dir's cut of JFK & first time we avoided the DNA gremlins only to suffer a worse fate when the "sparrow ships" turn their primary weapon on us." No... I'm not really sure what that means.
  • For some reason, when I had this dream, I woke up with a start as that last mono-filament line sliced through my plant body in a near panic... this dream FREAKED ME OUT.
  • The picture above is my "just woke up from a crazy nightmare" attempt to draw what a DNA gremlin looks like. Note the crater-shaped mouth it's hooting with. Frightening.

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