Sunday, May 12, 2013

Movie Review—Storage 24

Found footage movies aren't my only cinematic weakness. Another such vulnerability would be the good old-fashioned monster movie. These can run the gamut from incredibly excellent (such as The Host or Alien) to excellently terrible (C.H.U.D. anyone?).

Storage 24 is somewhere right down the middle. It's a pretty modest movie that starts with a bang. A serious one. I thought for a moment that I'd broken my speakers when the movie gets going! The movie itself is standard monster movie plot #1—a group of people are stranded in an enclosed location with a monster on the loose. In this case, the enclosed location is a vast storage unit facility, and the monster is a semi-humanoid semi-reptilian semi-insect all-brute creature that's actually really quite well-designed and realized on screen, with a fair amount of actual practical effects and puppetry at work. The monster even has a personality beyond RARRRRGH KILL THEM ALL and makes a few mistakes along the road to eating all humans. Or if not eating them, ripping out their hearts and then letting the poor victim watch while the monster crushes said heart in its big hand like it was an empty beer can. Can't fix that! You're done.
Not what you want to see when you open that mysterious storage locker!

Storage 24...
  • ... is what happens when you mix Super-8, Alien, and Storage Wars up in a blender.
  • ... has some REALLY refreshing developments along the lines of a certain obnoxious movie cliche. You know the one—the token minority is the first to die. Not so much the case in this movie. It's refreshing to see a horror movie avoid that cliche.
  • ... is another one of those movies I actually kinda liked that got a lower than I'd expect rating on IMDB.
  • ... makes me wonder how many people actually DO live inside their storage units.
  • ... has the standard "our cell phones don't have a signal and so we're cut off from help!" element... but there's a pretty dang good reason for it!
Grade: B+

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