Monday, November 11, 2013

Movie Review—Kon-Tiki

I've felt that the story of the Kon-Tiki would make a great movie for a long time. And while this movie was not great... it was still pretty good. The story of Thor Heyerdal and the journey he and his crew made across the Pacific Ocean is pretty awesome, one fraught with peril and adventure and beauty. It's not one that needs to be "amped up," and had this been a full-on Hollywood-style production, I'm sure it would have had gunfights and car chases.

It wasn't a Hollywood-style production, but the scenes I'd been most interested in seeing were either "actioned up" or cut altogether, and some scenes that didn't exist at all were put in there just to liven up the pace. That, and some shots of sharks and stuff not really behaving the way sharks behave were a bit unfortunate.

Still a well-made and entertaining movie. Just didn't manage to meet the expectations I'd built up for the movie over the past, oh, three decades or so. I'm not sure anything could, though.
Awww! Poor little guy got left on the cutting room floor! Just because he's ugly!

Kon-Tiki is...
  • ... missing the scene where the snake mackerel jumps in bed with one of the crew.
  • ... has the scene with the whale shark (it kinda HAD to) but it was over way too quickly.
  • ... did an incredible job with realizing the world; great cinematography and for the most part great special effects.
  • ... made me want to re-read Thor's book to remind myself of which parts the movie made up and which parts really happened.
  • ... didn't spend long enough time at sea.
  • ... has a shot that goes from the surface of the ocean, up into orbit around the earth, then back down to the sea that is really rather awesome.
Grade: B+

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